Theatro of Gusto is a place dedicated to those who believe that food is a cultural heritage to receive, protect and give back, where love for wine meets the wine and food passion, where the sharing of values and theories, of tales that reveal the deepest secrets of the bond that connects soul with Earth, hides behind tastes and smells.
The aim is to give the right space to local culture with professionalism, passion and mad curiosity, to value each single product, to promote regional food and wine from Calabria with new recipes, to convey the passion of the good taste not only with the voice but also with the heart and the stomach.
This to me is the true image of the right combination of “values and passions” to be known and loved.

Values and Passions The certainty that passion is transmitted not only with voice but also with heart confirms and strengthen my desire to take on in this direction


It was during my journeys, while I devoted myself to support extraordinary men of food service, that I run into the fascinating wine’s world, into the endless path, of the art of drinking.
So wine became a lifestyle for me, a passion to nurture and to hand down, an inseparable travelling companion, a reason towards development and new studies.
If you pay attention to wine with perseverance,…then, it can teach you how to re-educate your prodigious Taste and Smell’s senses.
This is the reason why I love defining myself as “wine’s disciple” instead of master, I like to think that I can remain his disciple forever, in order to remain exposed to its news, to the things that I am not familiar with and that I could appreciate; in effect, as a good scholar, I am always inquiring, I keep asking the reason “why” behind anything.
I believe that curiosity is the key of knowledge at work, but not only in that field.
After years of experience I decided to open a wine shop respecting my simple point of view, where beauty will never subordinate a the good, where the real protagonists are taste and wine.
Strong passion, adequate competence, crazy curiosity and a continuous study are the foundation of my way of working and of choosing products.
An accurate research, a close relation with the area, but also a personal check and test on each product suggested allow me to offer and guarantee the top of quality to the exquisite Theatro of Gusto’s Clients, trying to select the best results from the land, and from the skilful and essential man’s hand.
That is because we leave in an era which is marked by the homologation in any sector of our society, and a product such wine often does not escape the system.
This is the reason why I humbly attempt to take position against this system, supporting those producers who made of their wine the true expression of the territory, with methods and traditions that have been transmitted from age to age!

Expression Territory Techniques and traditions handed down through the centuries


Home-made beer, distillates, traditional aromatic vinegar of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Calabrian olive oil, pasta, rice, mountain Parmesan cheese, buffalo milk mozzarella, authentic caciocavallo of Sila, many varieties of pepper and salt from all over the world, spices, tea and infusions, hand-made sugared almonds, Modica’s chocolate.
Here are some of the marvels available at the wine shop; marvels that in my life have been able to conquer and satiate my soul, men’s masterpieces that have become very strong passions for me to nurture and to examine in depth with studies and travels, in their place of production, to share with others.
The certainty that passion is transmitted not only with voice but also with heart confirms and strengthen my desire to take on in this direction.
This passion allows you to work with love and enthusiasm, taking care of any detail, with lively and active spirit and incentives.
Those incentives keep alive the quest for every higher and more attractive aims which are capable of promoting a continuous and never satisfied improvement process.
I am convinced, in fact, that there cannot be a passion which is completely satisfied; if so, it would become boring enough to loosen the desire to improve and slow down the sense of time.
I think that it will never break off inside me the passion for Calabria and for wine, because Calabria is my Earth and represents my roots, what I am; Wine, however, is simply the world where I live in.

Dedicated to whom makes tasting a lifestyle Michele Ruperto